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Superbead Bead Filter

General Super Bead Filter
The SuperBead filters system is the original Beadfilter: the mother of all other Bead Filter Systems
Bead Filtration goes back to the 80’s when professor Ronald F. Malone from the USA marked the begin of the Floating Bead filters of these day’s. These filters are well known under the name BubbleBead filters.

Shape of the SuperBead Filter
The SuperBead filters are easy to reknow because of their sand glass shape. This shape is necessary to get a laminar flow which is as high as possible, in a way that the floating bed keeps steady. Hereby the filthy parts are catched on their way and after that the biological processing of solution is going to work. A beadfilter processes very much feeding, as well mechanical as biologic. This is the result of a high effectively and the usable surface of the beads (1300m2 a m3). Between that the dirt is removed quickly due to the good washing system without destructing the biology of the filter. Using this technique just makes your biology more active again. Rotting can not take place in the filter because of the unique shape without dead corners.

Soiling of ponds
One of the most underestimated factors in a Koi pond is soil in quantity of SS (Suspended Solids). This are the small soils of food-residues , faeces, algae and other eventual external factors who make soil in your pond. A high level of Suspended Solids enrages a fish in capturing oxygen.The easier the breathing of a fish the healthier it will be. This is not only positive in case of the health but also the growth of the fish. These continuous soil which is going to be transferred by the biology, takes very much of the available oxygen (O2) from the water. By way of removing all soil particles before they dissolve or convert, the water will stay in optimal condition. An Bubblebead removes provable really small soil particles out of the water.
The removing of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) from the water when passing the filter oncer is:
100 percent of all soil from 50 micron and higher
60 percent of all soil from between 20 and 50 micron.
50 percent of all soil from between 5 and 20 micron.

The removing of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) during a one time pass of the pond water through the filter is (1 micron = 0.001mm).

Pumps and Energy Saving
The only way to influence the quantity of TSS is by changing the water flow through the filter. The efficiency of the filter is at the highest level at the indicated water quantity.
One of the biggest advantages of the BubbleBead filter compared with other Bead Filter Systems is the required pump pressure. With an BubbleBead filter it is very good possible to use low pressure pumps like Red Devils. Many other systems need twice as much pump pressure to put the same amount of water through the filter.

The correct pump capacity:
The pump capacity is related to the volume which a pump can deliver at one specific head of water. Head of water normally is given in meters or bar (1 meter head of water is 0,1 bar). There is an pressure loss (lose from head of water) over the filter bed (Beads) of approximately 0.01 to 0.05 bar (same as 10 to 50 cm head of water). Especially when the filter back washes the resistance over the filter bed grows a little. This also has to do with the total soils in the pond. This values are tested under maximal resistance. It is recommended to assemble an pressure gauge after your pump: in that way you can see how much pressure there is after the pump and changes in this pressure.
The filter housing is allowed to get maximal 0,8 bar pressure. More pressure is not allowed. Most of the pump which are used in a pond do not reach this pressure level (1 bar is 10 meter head of water). It is also not very efficient to use such high pressure pumps. This pumps only use unnecessary much energy and this makes the costs very high.

Pump capacity:
The table survey gives recommended pump capacities in terms of maximal flow. When you have a longer pipework or other pressure rising in your total system than do not use a pump with an low head of water. The maximal efficient pumped water quantity may not exceed the 1,5 meter a second. I+A products advises to hold the pipes as short as possible. For a calculation of the total resistance you can look at our website where is an article about resistance in PVC.
By a flow speed of 1,5 meters a second, the next water quantities will come out:
50 mm / 1 1/2" maximal 9 m3 a hour
63 mm / 2" maximal 15 m3 a hour
75 mm / 2,5 " maximal 20 m3 a hour
90 mm / 3" maximal 30 m3 a hour
110 mm / 4" maximal 35 m3 a hour

Automatising is the best option to get an high water quality for your fishes. Hereby the filter is washed periodical and the soils are removed automatically.

• An energy saving pump reaches (saves 50-80%) by absence of an 6-way valve. 100 Watt costs around £2.35.
• No need of external air pump for washing (in practical situations quite once there comes water damage on these external air pumps).
• The area of the beads is 1300 m2 pro m3. Not only if you have new beads, also after years.
• You can upgrade to SuperBeads, this ones have an machined surface for higher pollution flares.
• A Superbead Filter is very compact: a surface of 80 x 80 cm is enough for koi ponds up to 90.000 liter.
• Laminair flow through the medium, in case of the washing neck, and because of that more effective soil removing.
• Through the fast and efficient removing of the soil, there also arises less protein, ammonia, nitrite, phosphate and nitrate in the pond.
• Calmer washing process prevents damage of the biology during a washing.
• Faster running in of the biology because of the calm washing.
• The use of water during a washing is reduced to a minimum.
• Soil directly moved out of the filter (water) during a washing.
• Better level of oxygen in the pond due to a good soil re movement.
• A SuperBead Filter removes soil particles to 5 micron (0,005 mm) for maximal brightness in the pond.
• The filter bacterias are working under optimal conditions and take care for efficient destruction of ammonia and nitrite, even in unusual heavy used ponds.
• Very easy to control: When washing the system only open one valve, let the filter deflate, close the valve again.
• Easy to automatize with the optional automatic valve: all the cached soil goes automatically to the drain.
• Because the SuperBead Filter is a complete closed system, it is easy to install indoors. There you have no humidity, vermin or strange smells.
• When using an automatic valve, the biology of the filter stays alive three days after a voltage fallout because after the washing the biology is not longer in the water after the washing.
• Also suitable for swimming ponds and normal ponds.
• Super Bead Filters are suitable for fresh and seawater
• The Super Bead Filter is completely made from plastic and it is an fixed filter: this means no moving parts which can wear.
• Big inlet 3”
• Big outlet 3”
• The SuperBead Filters only use LDPE beads which also can be used in the food industry.
• The SuperBead filter can be used above and under water level.,br> • The maximum resistance of the SuperBead Filter is less than 0,1 bar (1 meter head of water).
• The filter don’t has dead corners or places where soil piles up and anaerobic bacteria (pathogenic agents) originate.
• The SuperBead Filter has been sold for 25 years: Proven in practical situations!

Superbead Bead Filter

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